Meditation is probably more important now than it is has ever been as we navigate the changes that we are all going through. The ability to be able to find your still point and just be as everything else goes on around and about is crucial for mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

I trained as a meditation teacher with Tracee Cullen, a spiritual teacher and mentor who channeled High Dimension Meditation® several years ago. This meditation is a wonderful blend of well practised ancient techniques and new vibration, it is about going within and being in our natural state.

Meditation coaching

I run beginners courses, drop in sessions, one to one coaching and annual retreats, details of all events are listed on the facebook page

Meditation for beginners

This four week course is perfect for those with none or very little experience of meditation giving you all the tools you need to feel confident in developing your own meditation practice.

We will cover what meditation is, posture, breathing, mantra and sitting in meditation gently guiding you throughout these friendly and supportive sessions looking at all aspects of meditation for the new vibration and covering several meditation modalities for you to use going forward.

This course is currently only available online.

The energy exchange for this course is £65.00

Drop in classes

Suitable for those who have undertaken the beginners course or have experience with meditation. Each week these sessions cover a different type of meditation or focus on a different technique to give you greater understanding. These include eg, yoga nidra, kundalini, chakra meditations and different mudras and pranayama(breathing techniques).

These sessions are currently running online.

The energy exchange is £12 per session or £50 for a monthly pass and unlimited sessions

One to one coaching sessions

A 90 minute session to focus on a chosen technique or meditation modality or deepening your practice

Energy Exchange £40